Jason Fair Can Help Grow Your Sales By Creating Your Buyers’s Digital Journey

Season Two starts off BIG with Jason Fair today.

Jason is the Director of Content Development at #WireBuzz. In his role, he helps clients achieve their business goals using tailor-made video marketing strategies. That includes getting his clients to put out more content that enables people to stand out in their market.

Jason is a big proponent of building a Digital Buyer’s Journey, so get prepared to learn a lot about what customers are looking for from their #sales and #marketing people.

Here are some key points from today’s Podcast:

Jason estimates that only 5% of the salespeople are using video in the sales process, so you have a window of opportunity to STAND OUT in this market.

Video creates influence and it helps build that human-to-human interaction that has been lost over the past year.

How do you stand out in a buyer’s inbox? Incorporate video throughout the buyer’s journey.

Show and tell people about your solu