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As a business in Edmonton Alberta, your time and your capital are your two greatest assets. Edmonton is a very competitive market, and to stand out above your competition in such a competitive Market may prove to be very difficult. That is where Social Hero Media comes in.

Our mission is to help you to maximize both by getting your name on the map and keeping it there. By custom building a marketing strategy specific to your business, we ensure that your voice is being heard above the din – turning strangers into paying customers.

We keep our minds on your marketing so that you can focus on making your business work for you. SEO management is essentially the art of using search engine algorithms to attract customers. The strategic use of keywords or keyword phrases can place your website on the first page of popular search engines, which in turn increases your visibility.

Our search engine mar


Why drug testing needs to improve with Cancer

Researchers keep on developing new drugs to fight cancer, and while some are indeed effective, others never fulfill their promise. A new study now explains why many cancer drugs may not work in the way their developers think they do. But within the problem also lies the solution.

A new study finds that many new cancer drugs may not work as intended.

Cancer affects millions of people around the world, and in some cases, it does not respond to the forms of therapy that doctors usually prescribe.

For this reason, researchers keep on looking for ever more effective drugs that can stop cancer in its tracks. Sometimes, these new therapeutics live up to their developers’ expectations, while at other times they fall short.

As the search for improved anticancer drugs continues, a new study has discovered that many of the new medications that do work often target different mechanisms than those the scientists intended them for.

This may also explain why many new drugs fail to work.

The f


There is a New Blood Test That Could Help People At Risk of Cancer Avoid Unnecessary Biopsy

A new blood test that looks for circulating tumor cells could significantly improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer and avoid unnecessary biopsies and treatments.

A new blood test could help many people at risk of prostate cancer avoid unnecessary biopsies.

Combining the new test with prostate specific antigen (PSA) results can yield a diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer that is more than 90% accurate, according to a Journal of Urology study.

This level of accuracy is higher than that of any other biomarker for prostate cancer, says senior and corresponding study author Dr. Yong-Jie Lu, a professor of molecular oncology at the Barts Cancer Institute of Queen Mary University of London in the United Kingdom.

“This could lead to a paradigm shift in the way we diagnose prostate cancer,” he adds.

Circulating tumor cells are cancer cells that have left the original tumor and entered the bloodstream. Once cancer cells are in the bloodstream, they can spread to other parts of the


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Cinematography Edmonton
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What is a content marketing strategy without eye-catching video? We have an industry-leading in-house cinematography team that covers everything from video ads to full-length video biographies that make you stand out from the crowd. Let the world get to know the real you and exactly what you do.

Your brand has a story to tell and an audience eager to hear it. Top of the line cinematography allows your voice to be heard in ways that simple print content simply can’t. It is simply the best way to give your customers a behind the scenes view of what you do. Whether you are launching a new product or planning a special event we have the equipment and skill to cover it.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing is truer when it comes to marketing your brand. When you are trying to grab the eye of a potential client, your commercial photos are the strongest tool that you have for making that happen. They provide insi


You’ve Been Downsized From Your Oncology Diagnostics Marketing Position? Now what?

Oh my! You have just learned that your job has been eliminated or you’ve been demoted from your current role. What do you do? First of all, try not to panic.

Downsizing does happen… but not to me, you say? This is probably no comfort, but downsizing is not uncommon, and it can happen to anyone. So, take some deep breaths and move past the denial stage. Try to relax and put together an action plan. Just like anything else in life, you need to start taking steps to better your situation and get what you want.
First, let’s review some “housekeeping” issues.

Collect Your Final Paycheck

Make sure that you know when you will receive your last paycheck, and how it will be delivered to you. Some states require employers pay it immediately; others may allow a short time lag. Make sure you get everything that is due to you. Entitlements could include monies for overtime, back pay, accrued vacation, or sick leave. Talk to the appropriate person in your HR department to learn what yo


Classic burger joint coming soon to Medical Lake

Medical Lake burger lovers prepare your palates – good things may be coming your way.

Debi Long and her husband Joe, of Ruby’s on Silver Lake, are working feverishly to open a new classic 50s-style, family hamburger restaurant at 711 East Lake St. they will be calling Jake’s.

“I’m just trying to help get this stuff going for her,” Joe said in the middle of working on an exhaust hood in the kitchen during a recent phone interview

The Long’s have been remodeling the restaurant’s interior from scratch, according to building owner Miranda Spilker.

“It was a completely empty building when I bought it,” Spilker said of the property she purchased about a year ago and is now leasing to the Longs.

According to local lore, the building has in the past housed the Donut Depot, the Emporium – called either a junk shop or antique store, depending on the person describing it – and a former local gas station and convenience store called Snode’s, where some locals recall buying penny candy as kids


How Building Trust Creates Confidence In Genomic and Diagnostic Recruiting

How Building Trust Creates Confidence In Genomic and Diagnostic Recruiting

“I trust you.”

For many of us, these words are something abstract — a rather fluffy, sometimes fuzzy thing. Yet, trust is not some soft, ethereal or elusive quality you either have or do not. Rather, trust is a pragmatic, tangible, actionable asset that must be developed, and you can create it much faster than you might believe possible. This is important, as transcendent values, like trust and integrity, literally translate into profits and prosperity in whatever way you count real value.

In the end, we only work with those we know, like and TRUST. When you trust others, you feel assured in their abilities to do something or to remain true to and steadfast in a partnership. When you trust a brand or a product, you see it as reliable and dependable.

Simply put, trust is confidence. It is the ability to depend on the integrity, strength and skill of another to perform as promised and keep us informed o


The New Editor Of WordPress EXPLAINED

If you are struggling to understand how to use blocks in the new editor of WordPress, you are in the right place. Today I’ll explain to you how it works step by step, and I will illustrate the editor’s key features by walking you through what it’s like to create a basic WordPress post, but you can use the same approach no matter what type of content you’re creating. The WordPress theme I use in this video is Neve, a super fast and featherweight theme which works perfectly with WordPress blocks. And even more, I will introduce you Otter, a WordPress plugin that comes with new feature-rich blocks to enhance your content creation experience. First of all, I’ll explain what blocks are. Blocks are the new way in which WordPress organizes the content inside your blog posts and pages.

If you create a new post, for example, you’ll see this content editing panel that’s block-based instead of what was previously there. Compared to its predecessor, this new block editor is a huge upgrade. The editing experience is distraction-free and much more streamlined. This is because you only see the main canvas and no other unnecessary elements. The first thing you’ll want to do is give your post a title, using the dedicated field at the top of the editor. This works exactly the same way as it did in the classic editor. After that, however, things start to change. If you hover over the area directly below your post’s title, you’ll see a few icons. The Plus icon lets you select WordPress blocks and add them to your post.

On the right, there are also options to quickly add the most commonly-used blocks – the text, image, and gallery options. For now, click on the Plus icon, and you’ll see a new menu. This menu lists out all the blocks that the editor currently includes. There’s a section at the top with your own Most Used options, a number of organized categories underneath, and even a search bar to help you find what you need quickly. If you have installed the Otter plugin, you can see even more blocks here. I’ll show you more details later in this video, so keep watching. To add a block to your post, you just have to find and click on it. Let’s start simple, with a Paragraph block. Place the block in your post, then move to the next step. You can also create a paragraph block by simply typing in the editor, which is the default block actually.

When you add a paragraph block, it doesn’t look like much right away. However, once you begin to start typing into the field, new options will appear. You’ll see some basic formatting settings, such as alignment, bold, and italics. In addition, check out the right-hand sidebar of the editor screen. There, you’ll find more block-specific options. In this case, you can change the text’s font size and color, add a drop cap, and even include some custom CSS in the Advanced menu. Any changes you make, either here or on the block itself, will be immediately visible.

What I like about the new block editor is that it lets you set a different background color for each block. This can be useful if you want to highlight specific sections, for example. Each one of the WordPress blocks on offer comes with its own unique settings. Furthermore, if you hit Enter, you’ll add a new block below your paragraph block. However, this time you can try adding an image block by using that same plus sign. As you can see, you’re able to upload an image or add one that’s already in your Media Library. You can edit the image, alter its alignment, and so on. As an alternative to hitting the Plus sign, you can type a “/” in an empty block followed by the name of the block that you want to insert. Once you learn which blocks are available, this is a much faster way to add new blocks.

There’s no doubt that you’ll use plenty of paragraph and image blocks. However, the blocks editor has more to offer. There are also a number of WordPress blocks offering new options not available in the classic editor. For instance, you can add a Button block to your post. This creates a clickable button for visitors to interact with. You can edit the text of the button itself, and include the URL it will link to right below.

By selecting the icon in the top-left corner of the block, you can change the style of your button, and if you want to change its position, click these icons here. In addition, you can alter both the background and text colors in the sidebar. While this isn’t a huge range of options, it’s enough to create a handy customized button, which you can use to encourage visitors to sign up for an email list, buy a product, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Want to have buttons with more options? Use the Button Group provided by Otter and you will be able to insert up to 5 buttons in the same group, which you can style separately using the Color & Border settings, here. Just select the button you want to customize in this drop-down and then choose the colors and settings as needed. Let’s say we want a white button with blue text and a blue border. After selecting the border color, you need to adjust its width here and its radius, if you want that, here.

You can also change how the button looks on hover. Cool, right? I also like that these buttons have the “Open in New Tab” option here, which is not available, for now, in the default button block. Further down, there are three more panels where you can set a Box Shadow for your button which includes Shadow Properties and Hover settings too. This is more than enough to create interactive buttons that look great and are made to boosts conversions.

Once you’ve added a few blocks, you may find yourself wanting to make some changes. Fortunately, the new blocks editor is pretty flexible in letting you modify your content’s layout. If you want to delete a block, for example, you can select the Options icon above it, and click on Remove Block. By hovering over a block, you can use the up and down arrows to rearrange your blocks at will.

Or, you can also click on the six dots between the arrows to use drag and drop to move a block. The blocks editor includes a number of keyboard shortcuts that can help you quickly delete blocks or insert new blocks. Type Shift + Alt + H to view all the keyboard shortcuts. It’s also worth noting that you can create multi-column layouts. This is an exciting feature. You can access it by placing a Columns block in your post. This lets you create up to six side-by-side columns, and place whatever blocks you’d like within each one. It’s an option that offers a lot of potential for creating unique layouts. For example, if you want to create a pricing section, set the number of columns to three, and then add the pricing block offered by Otter in each column, one by one. To work faster, you can customize the first pricing table, and then duplicate it and drag it over to the next column. Finally, it’s important to note you still have access to post-wide, or page-wide settings as well. In the right-hand sidebar, click on the Document tab to find them. The Neve WordPress theme I have installed earlier will give you even more options here.

While with the latest default theme of WordPress, Twenty Nineteen, you have a few options, with Neve you can also change the post settings here. The container and sidebar options will adjust the blog post structure. For example, you can choose whether your sidebar will be on the left side of your content, on the right side of it, or you can create a post with no sidebar at all. Right below these settings, you can turn off the blog post components such as the header, title, featured image and footer. Just check the box for the component you want to turn off. Then, if you want to adjust the width of your content, check this box and change this parameter here. If the sidebar it’s on, you can see that the width of your sidebar will adapt to the percentage you set here. One of the most powerful things about the WordPress block editor is that you can use plugins to add all kinds of new blocks. In fact, some of your favorite plugins might have already added their own blocks.

Beyond that, you can also find tons of plugins that are solely focused on adding new blocks. The Otter Blocks plugin mentioned earlier, gives you blocks for more advanced sections, where you can find a huge variety of templates to use immediately. You can filter them out by categories in this drop down, and you can insert this template, for example, into your blog post like so. Then you can edit the content as needed. Even more so, you can choose the Post Grid block, the About Author block, Advanced Heading, Button Group, Font Awesome Icons, Google Map, Plugin Card, Sharing Icons, Pricing, and Testimonials. Once you are done creating your blog posts, you can choose categories and tags, add featured image and so on. You can even modify comment settings in the discussion menu. However, you won’t need to save your content, as it will autosave at frequent intervals while you are working. Just remember that you need to hit the publish button twice to actually publish the blog post. This may be not all you need to know in order to use the WordPress blocks editor! There is more to learn about it but you’ll get used to it and you will know each choice on offer after experimenting with the various blocks and available features.

Are you comfortable using the new blocks editor? Do you feel like something is missing or it’s not working as it should be? Let’s chat about it in the comments section below. I’m just waiting to see what’s in your mind. If you want to learn more about WordPress, here are some popular videos that I’ve published lately. Feel free to check them out. See you in the next one. .

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Alex Sparrow Music “She’s Crazy But She’s Mine”, “Got Me Good” and “Again and Again”

If you’ve got any familiarity with the popular culture of Europe, Alex Sparrow needs no introduction. This Russian born and Austrian aristocracy raised singer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, professionally-trained stuntman, dancer, director and screenwriter is a star in his native land and surrounding nations – a familiar face on the large and small screens, a concert attraction, and a composer of acclaimed film scores, too. He’s been on his homeland version of The Bachelor, taken the prize on Dancing With The Stars, and triumphed on the X-Factor as a teen. He’s played lead roles in over thirty movies, and walked away with Best Actor and Person of the Year Awards for his performance in the smash action thriller The Suicidalists, and a two time recipient of Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award as Favorite Actor

With nothing left to prove in his homeland, he’s brought his unique collection of talents to the United States, starring in the popular American TV show UnREAL broadcasted


Goodman Furnace Edmonton

Goodman furnace installation and repair specialist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Legacy heating and cooling Contact Us Today at (780) 733-1256

Goodman Global logo.svg
Industry HVAC
Founded 1975; 44 years ago
San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Founder Harold V. Goodman
Headquarters Houston, Texas, U.S.
Area served
United States, Canada
Key people
Takeshi Ebisu (CEO)
Revenue Increase $2.6 billion (2013))
Number of employees
Parent Daikin
Website www.goodmanmfg.com

Goodman Manufacturing was founded by HVAC dealer, Harold V. Goodman, in 1975 as a manufacturer of flexible air ducts and plastic blade registers. However, he turned his sights to fulfill a dream of manufacturing affordable HVAC equipment for households across the United States of America and beyond.

In 1982, the company acquired Janitrol and entered the HVAC market, expanding its product offering in 1986 to include gas heating products.

Harold V. Goodman died in 1996 and was succeeded by Frank H. Murray who